Somatotype & Nutrition

What is Somato Specific Nutrition? 

Somato specific nutrition is a diet plan customized specifically for a person’s somatotype, or body type. Somato specific nutrition is based on the premise that different somatotypes require different nutrition plans to reach their fitness goals. This is especially important in body building, where the goal is to maximize creation of muscle and minimize creation of fat.

Nutrition is the most important factor in any body building program. Nutrition is even more important than what weights you lift or how much you work out. A somato specific nutrition plan optimizes the nutrition aspect of muscle-building by matching diet with somatotype. The leader in this field is Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer. Kyle is a Certified Nutritionists and world famous weight training guru.

What is Somatotype? 

Somatotype, sometimes called somato type or somato-type, refers to a person’s body type. Somatotype was coined by psychologist William Sheldon to name his method of classifying the human physique. His work produced a triangle with the three basic somatotypes at each corner, or extreme, as the following chart illustrates:

Endomorphs are a fat and round somatotype. Mesomorphs are a muscular and square somatotype. Ectomorphs are a thin and linear somatotype. Following is a depiction of the three somatotypes:

Most people are a combination of somatotypes. Thus, the triangle represents the range of possible somatotypes with most people falling inside the triangle. Here is another chart of the somatotype triangle to illustrate:

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